Technology Law

Technology Law Cannot Be Ignored

Technological advances impact nearly every aspect of business and the proper legal professional can prove essential for any business that needs effective, customized legal counsel to succeed. Technology law is the area of law that exists at the intersection of diverse legal disciplines including licensing and complex purchase and sale transactions, various methods of distribution, professional services engagements, maintenance and support relationships, and copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, contracts, employment, licensing, and eCommerce. Technology encompasses computer software, and sometimes “software law” is used interchangeably or as a subset of technology law. A technology law firm works within that intersection leveraging the specialized expertise of its team members to help businesses get ahead of the legal curve when structuring businesses and transactions and dealing with problems and evolving legal requirements.

As technology becomes increasingly complex, companies need expert legal guidance to protect their invaluable intellectual property, often a company’s key assets or “crown jewels”, and to comply with regulations and avoid pitfalls. A technology law firm that understands not only the current state of the law in the United States, but also in other countries where clients intend to do business, can help a business draft and implement a comprehensive program that includes protecting intellectual property, drafting and negotiating technology licensing agreements, creating online privacy policies, or litigating to protect current interests. A firm that specializes in this area can provide the strategic legal counsel companies need at every stage of their business life, from creation of technology through development and growth. It can educate clients, provide cutting-edge legal advice, and assist in developing strategies for the future.

Technology lawyers understand the internet and technology. Whether you are a startup or an established company, retaining a technology lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to stay abreast of the newest technologies, legal decisions, and issues in the industry will make it easier to help a technology-based business grow. As an eCommerce, high-technology, or multimedia company, retaining a lawyer who caters to the Internet and technology industry will give your company the resources it needs to get to the next level.

When thinking about which lawyer is best for your business there are a few criteria to consider. Is the lawyer willing to invest time into understanding your business and its specific issues? How much experience and knowledgeable does the lawyer have with the relevant issues for your business and in your sector? Does the lawyer understand the present and future international needs and markets of your business? By choosing the right lawyer and law firm to represent your business and protect your interest, a business can not only avoid wasting time and money but continue to grow. The extra time and cost to select the right legal team now will pay off in terms of consistent, specific, sound legal advice and a coherent long-term legal strategy in the future.