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  • New Safe Harbor Is a Priority for the EU The European Court of Justice invalidated the Safe Harbor Framework that permitted personal data transfers from the EU to the US. What happens now, and what should US companies do to protect themselves?
  • Startups need to Protect Intellectual Property Most inventions, or apps and software, are best protected by patent or copyright, or both. Unfortunately, cash-strapped startups often defer protecting their putative crown jewels.
  • Transactions in Latin America – Legal Considerations Doing business in Latin America has its challenges, and I have probably seen them all during 30 years of focus on cross-border legal work with Latin American companies and governments.
  • Patent is Important, but Copyright is ‘Easy’ In the technology and creative sectors, copyright is king. Whoever owns the copyright owns the software, the website, the film the music, the image.
  • Why Software Piracy Persists in Latin America In 1989 when I was an in-house lawyer at a Business Software Alliance member company (Ashton-Tate), and BSA director, I spearheaded the establishment of more than 20 antipiracy programs for the BSA in Latin America and the Pacific Rim.

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